As global COVID-19 cases have decreased by more than 50% since January 2022, optimism for more in-person events has increased. Many event organisers are bringing their video game conventions back in-person. This means that gamers get to spread their wings again and convene for wonderful, multi-day extravaganzas.

Here are some of 2022’s most anticipated gaming conventions and conferences that you should look into. They’ll expand your knowledge about the video game industry and let you meet other video game enthusiasts!

US West

  • GDC 2022 (March 21-25, San Francisco, California)

The famous Game Developers Conference is a way for developers to show off their latest projects as well as reflect on the past of the video game industry. Outside of informative lectures and speeches, GDC also offers workshops for attendees to improve their skills. But even if you are not a video game developer, GDC is an important event for the future of the video game market.

While not exclusively about video games, Comic-Con has a wide variety of events that gaming and superhero fans adore. While the exact schedule isn’t out yet, expect many movie and comic book stars to make an appearance, as well as some upcoming superhero video games to be announced.

US East

  • PAX East (April 21-24, Boston, Massachusetts)

One of America’s most-attended gaming conventions is coming back to Boston, Massachusetts, after a two-year absence due to the pandemic. PAX East is returning with plenty of fun events, and the convention is full of guest panels, game exhibits, live tournaments, keynote speakers, and spaces to hang out with the rest of the amazing gaming community.

Esports Insider is known for its business-centred conferences and networking events that are hosted annually across the globe. This year is no different, and ESI is holding its first in-person event in the US since 2019. Hosted in the United States capital, ESI Washington, D.C., will focus on esports governance and the industry’s global reach.


EGX is similar to PAX due to it also has excellent guest panels, new game exhibits, and dedicated cosplayers. However, this event also has areas specifically dedicated to resume reviews and networking opportunities. Blending gaming fandom and a career in the industry, EGX has a lot to offer.

The popular video game trade fair, Gamescom, is where hundreds of indie developers and major companies get to show the world their video game prototypes. In 2021, the online-only convention drew in around 13 million viewers from a total of 180 countries, according to the event’s website. This year, there is still an online option of the convention for those who cannot make it to Cologne in-person. This event also marks the beginning of the organiser’s “Gamescom Goes Green” initiative to be fully carbon-neutral and operate more sustainably.

Overall, all of these conventions and conferences signify great potential for video game fans to come back together in-person and talk about the gaming industry. Hopefully current COVID-19 trends continue and more events, like E3, can return to the arenas and conference rooms that they used to fill.

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